3 Ways To Nurture The Relationship with Yourself

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Gayani from Inventive Mind interviews me. I share my story of growing up in Brooklyn, NY, and going from Corporate Finance to entrepreneurship, and owning multiple businesses. We go deep on unearthing the connection you have with yourself and how this is the foundation of all your relationships.

Your level of satisfaction with the quality of your life is the result of your beliefs about what you’re capable of, what you deserve, and how worthy you are of being happy and fulfilled. It is from here that you feel empowered and begins with your inner dialogue and your thoughts which have a direct impact on the choices you make.

How often are you “checking in” with yourself during the day?  

What quality of language do you use when addressing yourself?  Are you affirming, encouraging, and supportive? 

Do you advocate for yourself as much as you do for others? 

Have you established clear boundaries with yourself and with others that set you up for success and peace of mind?

If not, then now is the time to get right within and take inventory of how well you’re taking care of you.  The quality of your relationship with you matters and is at the core of your relationship with every other aspect of your life. 

Here are 3 ways that you can ensure that you are nurturing the relationship you have with yourself: 

  1. Create a Routine  – Gifting yourself just 5-10 minutes a couple of times a day to check in will allow you to tune in and hear what’s happening  inside.  Schedule a few minutes in the morning and at the end of the day to inquire within.  Who am I? Why am I here? How shall I be today? How am I feeling?  These are a few questions to start with. You can also, simply, stop and quietly ask yourself “your name. What do you need at this moment?”  or “your name, what is my life telling me right now?”

2. Take 100% Responsibility for Your Life – As you clean things up within yourself, the results will be reflected in your outside world. Pay attention to how you’re contributing to your own story. Who are you? (The victim, hero, persecutor, support). Is this who you really want to be? Make a declaration and commitment to be at 100% responsibility for the quality of your world. 

3. Use Your Words With Intention – Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) is a modality that includes the study of how language is used in order to achieve specific results. The words that you use and hear others use are programming us at a subconscious level to behave a certain way and to attract or repel results.  Watch your language and, where it is not in alignment with what you want, shift it to words that call your desires forward. 

Freedom Seekers, you get to decide how you want your story to go. Your past circumstances don’t have to be a  prediction of your future. When you live in alignment with your beliefs, behaviors, and desires – you can create a life that is deeply fulfilling. Only you know who you really are and what you really want to do in this lifetime. This matters. 

Empowering you to nurture the relationship that you have with yourself is the basis of the Shaping Freedom® framework.  

If you’re seeking a space that will allow you the courage, time, and tools to “get right” within, then the Shape Your Foundation 5 Week Virtual Program is for you.

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Are you ready to shape a future that is aligned with the essence of who you really are?

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