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Lisane Basquiat - Shaping Freedom


Are you running on empty? Or constantly on overload? Our retreats, seminars, and trainings bring you back to balance and full-energy… so you can embody and operate at your highest potential.

Lisane Basquiat - Shaping Freedom


Are you aware that you want something different out of life, but you’re just not sure what it is or how to create it? Our programs and workshops help you uncover your deepest desires and how to get in touch with your natural inclinations, preferences, and gifts.

Lisane Basquiat - Shaping Freedom


Does life feel like it’s happening to you? Get the practical, spiritual, and developmental tools you need to regain control, and maintain joy, satisfaction, and connection to you.

Lisane Basquiat

Meet Lisane Basquiat

Lisane Basquiat – Teacher, Entrepreneur & Life Strategist.

It is your birthright to have a life that sets your soul on fire. I founded Shaping Freedom because I’ve learned the importance of creating space to allow yourself the courage, time, and tools to “get right” within. This is how we positively impact our outer world and legacy to a world filled with wonder and pleasure; a true reflection of how you want to show up and experience your life.

Shaping Freedom® is the expression of my decades of experience in the practical research of human behavior, decision-making, and personal transformation. I have helped hundreds of people just like you to uncover their true desires, step through their fears, and let go of the beliefs and stories that keep us from living authentically and internally aligned. My mission is to help you create an everyday life that’s as wondrous and exceptional as you are.

Join me here, so I can bring you into my community of individuals who, like you, are seeking ways to feel more free, be more empowered and aligned, and to have better results in their professional endeavors and personal relationships.


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