Addressing Burnout Through Messy Life Moments with Luke Iorio – Episode 43

Lisane Discusses Burnout w/ Luke Iorio

There are times when we are completely in our flow of productivity and creativity, when we feel like we are doing work that matters to us and to our environment. We breeze through those days feeling energized by how easy it feels to make things happen, and end them satiated and proud of all that we managed to accomplish. 

There can also be moments in our lives when we find ourselves with nothing left in our tanks, out of alignment with what we are doing and why. These can simply be indicators that we’ve fallen out of balance with our self-care or that we are pushing ourselves too hard.

OR, these moments of “messiness” can be opportunities to meet ourselves at the crossroads of self-inquiry and re-calibration.  

On my podcast this week, I’m joined by Luke Iorio, former CEO of iPEC (Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching). After going through what he calls an “epic burnout stage,” Luke recognized that his life was out of alignment. After a period of soul searching, he became determined to figure out what was next. This began a 7-year spiritual journey exploring multiple traditions in his quest to find answers to his questions about freedom, peace, and personal fulfillment.  

In this episode, Luke and I have a powerful conversation about the sacred messiness of life that we sometimes find ourselves in. We also unpack the topic of burnout – what it really means, how one gets to that point, and how important it is for us humans to create a space to regulate, reflect and sit in the sometimes uncomfortable space of embracing the unknown.  

If you liked our discussion then I highly encourage you to listen to Part 2 of our discussion on Luke’s podcast “On This Walk”.

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Love and Peace,

Lisane Basquiat

CEO & Founder, Shaping Freedom

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