Be the Author of Your Story – from my convo with Tavis Smiley

Take Control of Your Life: 

Be The Author of Your Story

Have you ever thought of your life as a story? 

And thought of yourself as the author of your story?

It’s true. We are authoring a story every single day of our lives. The words we say, the actions we take, the relationships we develop–it is all adding to the pages.

At the end of this lifetime, what will be your story? Will it be one that you want to tell, or will it be a story of how life simply happened to you?

Making It Your Story

The only thing standing in the way of the quality of life that you want to live, the story that you want to tell, is YOU.

That’s a hard truth. But it is something you need to consider every day.

You have the power to make tough decisions, set boundaries, and create strong, respectful, loving relationships. You have the power to hit “RESET” on life and be accountable for your own life’s story and, ultimately, your happiness.

Isn’t that empowering?

I delve into how one goes about hitting RESET more in my recent interview with the legendary Tavis Smiley.

Tavis is a talk show host and author that’s hosted shows on BET, NPR, and more.  Check out our inspiring conversation.

Love and Peace,

Lisane Basquiat

CEO & Founder, Shaping Freedom

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