How to Avoid Burnout while Building Businesses with Jadah Sellner – Episode 41

Jadah Sellner

Avoid Burnout & Build Business Differently with Jahad Sellner

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Do You Eat, Sleep, Hustle, Repeat?

“Hustle hard.” “Stay true to the hustle.” “Eat, sleep, hustle, repeat.” 

You’ve heard these mantras before. Hustle has been glamorized in our society to the point where there is even a term for it: “Hustle Culture.” 

But what are the downsides of Hustle Culture? Sure, working hard is good. But living and working in a constant state of hustle is the recipe for burnout. If this constant state of working your a$$ off and hustling to reach your goals tends to consume you, I invite you to listen to my latest podcast episode.

My guest is Jadah Sellner, host of the Lead with Love® podcast, best-selling author, business coach, TEDx speaker, poet and entrepreneur. With her anti-hustle philosophy, Jadah helps people avoid burnout while building businesses that both flourish and focus on the humans behind the business.

In our chat, we dive into hustle culture, why it persists and how we can do things differently. We also talk about Jadah’s new book, She Builds, and her tips on how to nourish ourselves while building a life of our dreams. Jadah guides us through how to listen inwardly and how to block out the things that don’t feel right to us. Plus, she shares a creative process that worked for her and how it can work for you too!

If you’ve been questioning if you need to go-go-go all the time, this conversation is for you. You’ll learn how to navigate the seasons of life, who to have on your support squad, and most importantly, how you can enjoy the process.

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