Comedian and Thought Leader Leo Flowers

Leo Flowers is a comedian, a coach, and a thought leader in the area of caring for yourself and paying attention to who you are. He is spending his life really responding to the question of how do you take care of yourself? And he does this and helps people to answer that question for themselves through his comedy. And also through the work that he does with other people. 

Adulting can be hard because we go through our childhood experiences, looking for this journey, this end goal of becoming an adult. And so often we get prepared for adulthood with the focus on how we’re going to take care of ourselves financially, what we’re going to do to be able to afford to care for ourselves materially. And that’s really, really important. And unless we’ve had someone to come along to tell us that we are so much more than the jobs that we have and the material things that we’re able to accumulate, that we’re also human beings who are here on this planet encountering relationships and circumstances and parts of ourselves, then we may also find ourselves in a position of negotiating and figuring out who we are and how to take care of ourselves. 

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Leo Flowers is a former Div-I college athlete, has a Masters in Counseling/Psychology, is a stand-up comedian, and a mental health advocate. He was diagnosed with depression at an early age and has used that experience to help destigmatize it for others on his Suicide prevention podcast, “Before You Kill Yourself,” which has over 100,000 downloads! His goal is to bring awareness to mental health by interviewing best-selling book authors, mental health experts, and sharing their understanding of how thoughts become emotions in order to teach people how to thrive. As an entertainer, he’s performed all over the world and you may have seen him on Comics Unleashed with Byron Allen or Comedy Central’s “This Week At the Cellar.”

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