Defining Your Legacy with Brandy Knight – Episode 38

Brandy Knight, the Esoteric Exorcist is the CEO of her healing arts company, Inner Caulling LLC. She is a dedicated mother, Accountability Coach, Emotional Release Specialist, Kundalini Yogic Alchemist, and an international best-selling author with her contributions to Legacy Speaks. Her no-bullshit approach attracts those who are ready to walk through the shadow and shift things for themselves in big ways. The driving force fueling Brandy’s work is to provide the guidance people might need in order to remember why they chose this life so they may fulfill their mission and transcend. 

In this conversation, Brandy and Lisane discuss walking a path of self-expression,  the importance of emotional release and some practices for it, as well as the benefits of addressing things in the moment. Paramount to self-expression is the time we take daily to tune in and listen to ourselves, to quiet down enough to be able to learn who we truly are. When we walk the planet taking in only external stimuli and reacting to what people are doing and saying and the circumstances that befall us, we can literally carve ourselves out of the equation. The practice of sitting down a couple of times a day, getting quiet, and connecting are ways to help us to witness who we really are, and how we’re really behaving on this planet so that we can course-correct where we need to or bring out of us the things that we really want to bring out.

Connect with Brandy at or on Instagram @innercaulling 

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