Enlightenment: The Path to Freedom

What is Enlightenment?

Enlightenment is often defined as an ethereal state of being that transcends the ordinary human experience.  This definition creates images of spiritual beings adorned in flowy fabric holding a sage stick, completely aglow, often atop a mountain, with a slight knowing smile.  However, those visions of perfection, while romantic, creates for us yet another thing to fall short of.  An aspect of our Self that can feel completely out of reach in day to day life and even less so while navigating the “realities” of adulting and all that comes with it.

While I adore the smell of sage and the feel of soft fabric on my body, I see enlightenment as the simple willingness to turn the lights on to what is happening in your life. To have the courage to become aware of what is really going on. To  be willing to awaken to a new perspective and  to resolve what isn’t working, through conscious action. So, enlightenment is simply a state during the journey of losing unproductive weight –  of consciously carving space in your life to release the heaviness that stands in the way of living a life that we truly love living.  

“Holding onto grudges creates emotional heaviness.”

Spiritual Awakening Process

Holding onto grudges creates emotional heaviness. Negative self-talk burdens your soul and your aspirations. Talking yourself out of your dreams and true vision for your life crowds your mental well being with regret. All are heavy weight  to carry.  A lack of faith in ourselves and in our gifts and talents feel like misalignment and uncertainty. These toss us into a fragmented way of being, at odds with ourselves and in passive aggression with others. Over time, unaddressed internal conflict becomes expressed as physical, emotional, and mental aches, pains, and other dis-ease.

Illuminating what is really going on in your personal life, relationships, professional endeavors,  and on the inside, while not always easy, allows you the freedom to experience what life looks like when you aren’t burdened by the consequences of existing at the core of an unexamined life. That is what the joy of enlightenment is really about; awareness, awakening, and action.

Emotional Stress and Rumination

What does emotional heaviness and an unexamined life look like?  

It can manifest in a variety of ways:

  • Following a path you aren’t connected to and having your life choose you 
  • Experiencing the same unfulfilling relationships over and over again (different faces,jobs, and names, same patterns and issues)
  • Contributing to unhealthy and negative behavioral patterns within your family legacy 
  • Feeling stuck doing work that you don’t enjoy or didn’t choose
  • Living in a consistent state of uncertainty and anxiety
  • Not setting and enforcing your boundaries with others and yourself

The great news is that you can shift the trajectory to one that is in real alignment with your unique path. And, you can do so without blowing up the life you are currently in.  You can get in touch with who you are at the core. You can learn how to set boundaries, and how to improve the  relationship with yourself and others.  You can resolve conflict in a healthy way, while staying in personal integrity. And your will feel lighter after doing so.

Wondering where to start? 

By strengthening your foundation.  The Shape Your Foundation 5-week online program will introduce you to the Shaping Freedom™ concepts that will help you discover a practical, empowering and impactful approach to improving the quality of your life. 

The interactive exercises, coaching, skills training, and introduction to energetic healing modalities will help you reconnect to and trust the relationship that you have between your emotions, mind, body and spirit. This foundational work is essential to releasing negative patterns and allowing the healing transformation to occur which will greatly enhance the quality of your world.

By taking the path to enhance the relationship that you have with yourself, you will reignite your personal integrity, alignment, and chart a clear path forward to live life on your terms.

Are you ready to answer the call?

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