Entrepreneurship the Right Way with Luis Martinez

This week Lisane sits down with Luis Martinez, MSOL, an Afro-Latino from Honduras and raised in Brooklyn, New York. Luis has an M.B.A. in Organizational Leadership, and is an advocate, networker and ecosystem builder. They discuss entrepreneurship, truth-telling, self-awareness, and community. Make sure to listen for Luis’ top three tips for entrepreneurs! 

A Former Pro Basketball Player and U.S. Navy Veteran, Luis currently serves as Entrepreneur in Residence for the Better Business Bureau Southwest (BBB) & the Founder/CEO for We Tha Plug. We Tha Plug works with Early-Stage Pan-African & Latinx founders and startup companies from Ideation to Pre-Seed using Design Thinking Principles. We Tha Plug is a global community of Pan-African, Latinx and other underrepresented founders, Venture Capitalist and Angel Investors in the Startup, Tech & Innovation space. The overall mission of We Tha Plug’ is to provide equal access to tech & innovation in Pan-African and Latinx communities and create an ecosystem for entrepreneurs from grassroots to professional levels. WTP provides a global ecosystem that gives founders access to startup fundamental education, mentorship, programming, resources & access to funding. 

Learn more about Luis and We Tha Plug at:

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/luis-martinez-msol/ 

Instagram: luisitothe_entrepreneur 

Twitter: @LuisitoBrooklyn 

Company: https://www.wethaplug.com/

Company Twitter: @WeThaPlug1

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