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The Reset Workshop: Boundaries, Relationships, Accountability – In Person

April 22 @ 10:00 am - 5:00 pm EDT


This workshop is for you if you are ready for higher quality relationships, so that you can curate more enjoyment and peace in your life.

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Throughout our lives, we experience relationships with family members, romantic partners, colleagues, friends, and community members. Our satisfaction with the quality of our relationships is in direct correlation to our ability to set healthy boundaries, communicate effectively, and clearly share what we want.

The problem is that so many people feel uncomfortable with setting boundaries. Fear, a lack of confidence, or simply not knowing how to set healthy boundaries can stand in the way of you having the high-quality, fulfilling, and fun relationships that you truly want to have.

In this 1-day program, you will take a real look at the current state of the relationship area of your life. You will learn practical steps and create a comprehensive plan that you can immediately begin to apply to any relationship that you want to improve.

Topics will include:

  • Common relationship issues and how to solve them
  • How to become more empowered in any relationship
  • How to set effective boundaries
  • How to own your own happiness and satisfaction
  • How familial legacy influences your relationships today
  • Meditations
  • Writing exercises
  • On-the-spot coaching and feedback

The workshop is designed to help you:

  • Create a support system through community, practical teachings, and connection with others
  • Get clear about your relationship behaviors and patterns so you can move forward from a clean slate
  • Curate a go-forward plan that you can apply to your family, your career, and your relationships

The purpose of this workshop is to introduce you to the Shaping Freedom™ concepts that will help you to create an even stronger foundation. Specifically, the goal is to provide you with the emotional and mental space to make conscious choices regarding family, work, and your personal relationship dynamics – including the relationship that you are in with yourself.

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About Your Host:

Lisane trains individuals on how to gain empowerment through internal congruence and spiritual alignment, resulting in healthier familial dynamics and legacy. She helps people who are seeking ways to feel freer, be more empowered and aligned, and to have better results in their professional endeavors and personal relationships.

Lisane Basquiat is the Founder and CEO of Shaping Freedom.

Board Certified by the Association of Integrative Psychology, Lisane Basquiat is a Master Practitioner of Mental and Emotional Release® (MER) Therapy, a Master Reiki Practitioner, an Accredited Energy Leadership Coach and founder of the personal growth company Shaping Freedom®. The former corporate executive has been a certified coach since 2004.