A Note from Lisane Basquiat,

We are born with innate creativity, a unique purpose, and with a belief in the infinite possibilities for our lives. As children we are told to play. So we do. We pretend. We say yes – to our imagination, to unbridled dreaming about our future, and to our core driven ambitions. We see ourselves; clearly, powerfully, imaginatively. And we explore and seek, with curiosity.

Then, just a few short years later, life happens. We’re told and encouraged to “grow up.” To consider our dreams silly and to put them and our and imagination on a shelf and get serious about the responsibilities of life, work, and of our “limitations.” To, essentially, ignore and negate our gifts and talents as the path to adulting. It’s freaking confusing! And, while we give our very best along our journey, we do so still hearing the gentle stirring of our inner voice reminding us of our dreams and of who we are at the core of our being.

If only we would utter the courage to look within and to do the work that it takes to become aligned. Imagine that.

I believe that you have the absolute ability and birthright to carve time and space out of your busy life, your roles, responsibilities, and obligations. My friend, it is time for you to reset and relearn how to get and to stay connected to who you are, why you are here, and to what you want to accomplish and contribute during your lifetime.

I’ve created this workshop to teach you how to create and experience an incredible relationship with yourself. To facilitate the personal transformation that comes when you courageously unpack where you are and then release the limiting beliefs, and ineffective behavioral patterns that stand in the way of you living a life that you love.

Lisane Basquiat Shaping Freedom®

I am so excited to share this program, which is the result of over two decades of exploration into human behavior. It will introduce you to the Shaping Freedom® concepts you will leverage to gain the emotional and mental space you need to make more conscious choices regarding your family, your work, and your personal relationship dynamics. As a result, you will create an even stronger foundation, more inner peace, and greater clarity. You owe yourself that.

My team and I would be honored to guide you on your journey to spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical freedom.

I wish you Love and Peace,

Learn how to identify and release negative baggage, limiting beliefs, and ineffective behaviors.

What To Expect


Practical, experiential and effective tools that drive personal integrity and transformation through the release of limiting beliefs and ineffective behavioral patterns.


Create a support system through community, practical teachings, and connection with others in the same event. Guided open discussions to explore healthy processing of your emotions and thoughts and gain clarity about how you got to where you are. 


Proven resources in your toolkit, a comprehensive and strategic plan forward, and you ignited and empowered to shape a future that is in better alignment with your authentic script.

Program Overview:

Please note that each program is customized with tools to meet the specific needs of its participants. That said, here is a general idea of what you can expect. All workshops include an introductory webinar 1 week prior to start of event.

Introduction to Shaping Freedom®

Share your story, meet your new support system, identity your limiting beliefs.

  • Orientation
  • Introduction to Shaping Freedom™ foundational concepts
  • AM Exercise
  • Continued Shaping Freedom® Foundational Concepts
  • PM Exercise
  • Group exercise
  • Day 1 wrap-up

Unpack & Release

Unpack your story, release negative and ineffective emotions and baggage, experience alignment.

  • Storytelling group exercise
  • Continued Shaping Freedom Foundational concepts
  • Personal relationship exercise
  • Day 2 wrap-up

Redesign Practices

Shape your next chapter and set yourself up for success.

  • Communication and Relationships
  • Writing exercise
  • Strategic go forward planning
  • Strategies for clearing common obstacles
  • Design exercise
  • In-person program wrap-up

Follow-Up & Accountability

We want to make sure you stay on track.

  • Access to a Private Community to continue the conversations and connections
  • Follow-Up Calls at 2 Weeks & 60 Days Post-Workshop

Kind Words

Kellie D.

Be open, and it’s a safe place to express whatever comes up for you. It’s a very supportive environment to move through and explore stories and beliefs that you have been told or have been telling yourself.

Lisane asks great questions. I kept finding myself saying, I can’t remember what she asked, but I discovered…. It was wonderful to be guided and questioned about aspects of my space and beliefs that I haven’t explored before. I felt I was in good and very capable hands with Lisane leading the group.

Virginia R.

I was surprised at how finding out that I had so much in common with every single person in the room that was an a-ha moment! I was happily surprised and I still feel the warmth of that knowledge. It was a privilege to spend the day with a group that was so willing and able to be authentic and transparent. It filled me up, encouraged me and that day has become a talisman that I carry with me to remind me of how life can be and what I want to continue to create in my life and share with the world.

Jessica H.

The things that have served me no longer serve me in the same capacity. It’s time for me to release and soften up a bit so I can enjoy my life more fully – and also to attract more abundance that I deserve.

I appreciate that Lisane is both patient/nurturing and able to push us into the uncomfortable. Great balance on her end!
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Are You Ready To Get Into The Driver’s Seat?

A Shaping Freedom® Foundation Program may be for you if you find yourself:

  • In conflict with how others are experiencing you.
  • You feel a sense of loss, disconnection, and a lack of clarity coupled with unresolved anger, sadness, hurt and fear that makes day-to-day activities even more challenging and overwhelming.
  • You are in need of a supportive community of yaysayers to fuel your decision to go within and level up.
  • Contributing to a narrative of generational shitty behaviors.

You realize that how you’ve lived thus far is not how you want to continue to author your life story.

Wondering if an upcoming workshop is for you?

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