Journey of Resilience with Dr. Salvatore Forcina – Episode 53

In this episode of Shaping Freedom, host Lisane Basquiat interviews Dr. Salvatore Forcina, an accomplished doctor and author of The American Doctor.

Dr. Forcina shares his inspiring story of overcoming obstacles and achieving the American Dream through education, hard work, and resilience. 

Key Takeaways:

  1. Education and resilience are key to achieving success, regardless of your background or starting point.
  2. Navigating a new experience can be complex and challenging, but it’s possible to succeed with dedication and strategic planning.
  3. Success in any competitive field requires hard work, determination, and a willingness to adapt to changing circumstances.

This week I spoke with Dr. Salvatore “Sal” Forcina, author of his upcoming autobiography The American Doctor, released March 28, 2023.

A cardiovascular surgeon by trade, Dr. Sal Forcina shares his inspirational story and outlook on life after overcoming personal obstacles from an early age, eventually obtaining his medical doctorate against all odds.

You can find his upcoming book in print and digital at Barnes and Noble, Amazon, and other major book sellers and retailers near you.

The American Doctor (via Amazon):

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