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NLP workshop
NLP workshop

Our beliefs, past programming, and relationships contribute to the quality of our life story. 

In a perfect world, we grow up unscathed and fully equipped with all the necessary lessons and behaviors for success on our life’s path. 

The world, however, is far from perfect. During our upbringing, we can acquire negative baggage, limiting beliefs, and behavior patterns that don’t serve the life we truly want to live. We can get knocked off course from who we really are and feel disconnected… from ourselves.

When our foundation of authenticity becomes compromised, it affects all areas of our life.  

“When our foundation of authenticity becomes compromised, it affects all areas of our life.”

For example, when we don’t have a strong foundation, we often feel:

  • Frustrated, empty, and unhappy
  • Unsure how to disrupt certain life patterns
  • Like we need a personal transformation or more purpose in life
  • Exhausted from being there for others but not caring for our own needs
  • At a loss for how to move forward in a healthy way

Does any of this sound familiar? Unsure what to do next?

Guidance, support, and tools for self-discovery help to strengthen and shape our foundation so that we can rediscover and recommit to our purpose and to the life we want to live.

Beginning to Shape Your Foundation

For many, fear and uncertainty outweigh a commitment to undo the negative effects of a less than ideal upbringing, unresolved experiences, and hurtful past relationships. Sometimes it seems easier to live in the pain you’ve grown accustomed to versus opening yourself up to a future you know you want but aren’t sure you can obtain.  The prospect of taking a conscious step back and starting the process of digging beneath the surface can feel overwhelming and isolating.

But what if you knew where to start and had the tools and community to support you on your journey?

“We have the power to design, take responsibility for, and get in the driver’s seat of our own lives. It is possible to bring our dreams to fruition, but we must first talk ourselves INTO pursuing our dreams, as this is the only way to fully honor our truth, our gifts and our unique purpose in life.” – Lisane Basquiat, Founder of Shaping Freedom

The Shape Your Foundation® Program was created by Entrepreneur, Spiritual Guide, and Life Strategist, Lisane Basquiat. This transformative, 5-week virtual workshop was developed to provide you with practical tools and the emotional and mental space to make conscious choices regarding family, work, and all relationship dynamics, most importantly the relationship you are in with yourself.  

How the Shape Your Foundation program works:  

Enrollment for the program is on a first-come, first-apply basis. Once you complete your application, you will receive a link to schedule your call with a team member. This call will allow you to gain a deeper understanding of the program, align on fit, and discuss your goals for the workshop. If you are not accepted into the program, you will be notified and will receive a full refund.

Note: Your tuition is 100% refundable, prior to the start of the program, should either you or Lisane determine the program is not a fit. 

Shape Your Foundation is a 5-week virtual program comprising an orientation meeting, 5 weekly 3-hour workshops, and a debrief and alignment discussion 30 days after the last workshop. The goal of each workshop is to build on the previous one with practical learnings, tools, and tips that will empower you to show up more fully for and with yourself. Meditation, energy work, sharing, exercises, and coaching are used throughout the program. The program also includes a mix of group and “break-out” exercises and assignments.  

At the end of each weekly session, you will be given an assignment to help process, integrate, and reflect on the week’s topics.     

The Shape Your Foundation program is experiential and an opportunity to learn how to:

  • Establish a greater sense of purpose in your life
  • Be 100% accountable for the world you create
  • Rid yourself of negative thoughts, emotions, and limiting beliefs keeping you from your true purpose
  • Improve your relationship with yourself and others
  • Effectively communicate with family, friends, and colleagues.  
  • Courageously unpack where you are and then release the limiting beliefs, and ineffective behavioral patterns that stand in the way of you living a life that you love
  • Deepen your spiritual connection and activate your Life Force

As you progress through the Shape Your Foundation workshop, you’ll notice a shift in how you view yourself as the author of your Life Story. This program will help reignite your personal integrity, internal alignment, and access to a renewed energy and excitement for life. 

The last few years Challenged Us…Ready to Rebound?

The last few years redefined so much for us. Whether you were ready or not, it probably left you feeling confused, scared, and uncertain. Perhaps it stunted the progress you were making with your personal development. Now that you’ve proven to yourself just how resilient you are, it’s time to take a deep dive inward and regain your stride.   

Are you ready to live a more joyful and emotionally balanced life?

The Shape Your Foundation workshop meets you where you’re at during these difficult times. The structured virtual interactive exercises, skills training, and break-out sessions provide you with the support, resources and community to help you once again feel empowered and filled with purpose. 

By taking the path to enhance the relationship that you have with yourself, you will reignite your personal integrity, alignment, and chart a clear path forward to live life on your terms. 

Are you ready to answer the call?

Live wellness, 3 Full-Day Sessions (10am-5pm each day)

Program Overview:

  • Pre-program 1:1 Strategy Session 1 hour virtual group orientation session
  • 3 Full-Day Sessions (10am-5pm each day)
  • 30-day check-in post-program
  • Ongoing: Private Group Membership, Discussions and Specials

Virtual Program 5-Week

Program Overview:

  • Pre-program 1:1 Strategy Session 1 hour virtual group orientation session
  • 3 Full-Day Sessions (10am-5pm each day)
  • 30-day check-in post-program
  • Ongoing: Private Group Membership, Discussions and Specials

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About the founder: Lisane Basquiat is not only an entrepreneur but a community leader who leads with compassion and purpose.

Most recently, she led important conversation on social justice, mental and emotional health during crisis, and empowered action to repairing generational traumas through her platform and virtual programs via Shaping Freedom®

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