What Is Shaping Freedom

Why Practice Self Care Only In Moments Of Triage?

Remember that frustrating feeling of having to drag yourself to the ER or Doctor’s office only to be prescribed things with little to no information about how you got something or even how to prevent it in the future? That’s how many are treating the now trendy practices deemed “self care.”
“Soak in this, light that, tune-in to them…” all of which can be great sources of relief from stress or tension that’s come to a head but what if you could beat these to the punch with methods you practice every day.
Shaping Freedom™ is just that. An opportunity to reconnect with your home energy, re-integrate the pieces that seem lost or out of sync, and release the junk in your proverbial trunk that’s dragging you down and keeping you from truly living your best life. Shaping Freedom™ offers educational, actionable tools, guides and experiences carefully curated to help you bring your energy home. We’re not focused on “self improvement” but rather self-mastery as a means to infuse and create opportunities for more freedom and authenticity in your life.

The story you’re probably still telling yourself

As a Certified Coach and successful Entrepreneur, I hear this all the time… So many intelligent, driven and resourceful women modifying and downplaying their dreams, their goals, their wants, their needs and even their desires to appease the fears, doubts and the naysayers in their lives. The self-imposed “no’s” and the “no’s” they allow others to impose upon them block them from the infinite and positive opportunities and the delightful possibilities that abound when they say YES instead of no.

The “no” filter looks something like this:

“You: I’m so tired of working for other people. I’ve had this dream of owning a donut shop for decades. I’ve always wanted to own my own business and I love making donuts!”

In less than 3 seconds, these objections come up…

“How am I going to start my own business? I’m already working 40 hours a week. How will I be able to take care of my kids when I have 5 donut shops open? My kids will be teenagers soon and they’ll need me around more. This dream just isn’t possible right now. I’m being silly. Even if I had the time or the energy, I don’t even know how to start, much less run, a business and it’s just too late for me to learn how now!”

What if they were given permission to start with YES?

“Yes, I would like to start my own business and I am excited to see what it would take for me to make this dream a reality. Yes, I can pursue this dream by taking small steps each day and learning what I need along the way. Yes, I can find the support and the tools necessary for me to achieve my ultimate vision.”

This isn’t about perfection or looking good in the eyes of others.

This is a movement among women who are ready and willing to say yes to shaping their lives so they can experience what they want as fully expressed, autonomous creators. There is time, there is space and there is a way for you to say yes to your dreams without feeling guilty and without sacrificing what’s truly important to you.

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