Mindfulness with Vani Shiroor Part 1

Vani Shiroor is a mindfulness coach and the founder of Doturminds. She teaches the art of letting go and being mindful through the ancient Indian sand dot art of rangoli. Through this ritual, she introduces you to a greater sense of awareness and shares with you ways that you can bring yourself out of the busy-ness, chaos, and chatter of the world into the quiet conscious awareness of who you are in the present moment. This week, Lisane and Vani discuss not only what it means to be in a relationship with yourself but what it means to actually be in love with yourself. They also discuss what it means to truly be present without any resistance and how to take a “beginner’s mindset” approach to being mindful. 

Learn more about Vani and Doturminds at https://doturminds.com/. You can check out her sand art event happening at Hera Hub Irvine on July 20, 2021 and sign up here: https://mailchi.mp/8bfb559428c2/xclh7hgyd

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