My First Solo Episode on Enlightenment

Lisane recorded her first solo episode this week from the Big Island in Hawaii. She breaks down the overly romanticized vision of what it means to be enlightened into three practical steps: Awareness, Awakening, and Action. When we’re willing to click on the lights of our own lives and pay attention to our patterns, we can take actions that open up the possibility for resolution.

When we think of Enlightenment, we often have an overly romanticized vision of a person in a state of perfection. We get caught up in our worlds and believe we can’t ever achieve that perfect vision but we can look at things in a more practical way. We can become aware that we have some old patterns that don’t work for us anymore, awaken to how we’re feeling, pay attention to what brings us joy and what makes us uncomfortable, and take action to change our own circumstances. Examine your own life, pay attention to the main character on the stage of your life and do something about that character. That character that is you.

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