Effects of Poor Boundaries in Relationships

A refusal to set healthy boundaries is very often at the core of perpetual relationship issues within families, amongst friends, while dating, and in life partnerships.

In my 25 years of personal growth work, I’ve witnessed countless new clients initially cringe at the very word boundaries.

Instead, they opt for chronic venting, resentment, passive aggression, stress, frustration, countless emotional outbursts. They choose silence and significant internal discomfort as opposed to confronting a person around whom they feel disrespected, dishonored, and unheard.

That doesn’t feel good inside, at all.

Poor Boundaries and Internal Conflict

The problem with swallowing these negative emotions is that it places you in a generally disempowered state of silence and suppression. You can’t express how you truly feel about what you are experiencing.

Allowing a person to repeatedly cross your boundaries builds the perfect stage for internal conflict, feelings of general disempowerment, confusion, and emotional suffering.

You suffer. Your relationships suffer. No one is happy.

The Benefits of Setting Boundaries

The good news is that you are not alone. Many people were simply never taught how to integrate personal boundaries into relationship conversations without a fight. They’ve never learned how to articulate their needs with clarity and confidence.

My friends, learning how to set and communicate healthy boundaries is a relationship game changer!

Clear boundaries are how you establish mutually beneficial agreements about the things that are important to you and within the relationship.

Learning to set healthy personal boundaries supports you in setting up your relationships for success, with authentic confidence and clarity.

And who doesn’t want that?

Learn Better Boundaries and Build Better Relationships

Join me on Thursday, June 16th at 4 pm (PST) for my webinar, Relationship Challenges and How to Correct Them.

Let’s face it, we’ve all been challenged by the relationships in our lives. How we address these challenges determines the success of a relationship.

Learn how to turn challenges into opportunities for you and your relationships to grow.

Do any of these sound familiar?

  • Feeling disempowered in your relationships.
  • Constantly feeling like a victim or disrespected by those in your world.
  • You get angry when you feel like you have to draw a line with another person.
  • Prefer resisting taking personal responsibility instead of reaching out to others to help you feel better.
  • Unclear about where you end and others begin leading to resentment as you do all things.
  • Struggling with unhealthy levels of guilt and anxiety because you are smiling when you want to say no.

Imagine the energy released if you dealt with even one of these issues.

Join me on Thursday, June 16th and we’ll talk about healthy boundaries, how to set them, and preparing for a “boundaries” discussion.

Register here to start setting healthy boundaries now.

About the author: Lisane Basquiat is not only an entrepreneur but a community leader who leads with compassion and purpose.

Most recently, she led important conversation on social justice, mental and emotional health during crisis, and empowered action to repairing generational traumas through her platform and virtual programs via Shaping Freedom®

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