RECLAIM Your Optimism: Shape Your Foundation Retreat

New Decade Optimism

Remember that hopeful feeling you had when we rang in this new decade in January 2020? We were excited about a new beginning, a fresh new decade, and all that we were going to do differently. 

I was right there with you. My word of the year was “DANCE,” and nothing was going to stop me. I was poised to launch the Shaping Freedom 2020 tour and planned to facilitate workshops in Atlanta, New York, and San Diego. My intention was to share this Shape Your Foundation program with a focus on supporting participants in taking an authentic and courageous look at their lives, no holds barred, with 20/20 vision (corny and true!).

But Then…

And then…well…life as we know it took a dramatically different turn. In March 2020, I chose to shelve my intentions to grow Shaping Freedom and instead focused on the situation at hand: co-managing my brother’s estate and supporting my Hera Hub Carlsbad community– a group of nearly 100 female entrepreneurs in need of immediate support as we all figured out how to save our businesses and personal lives – in the midst of a public health crisis, growing social unrest, and the ugliest political climate we’d ever beheld.  

That nightmare was so challenging for our society, our communities, families, friend circles, work lives (all those Zooms!) and, yet, here we are, transitioning to a more “normal” day to day.  

But How Normal are Things, Really?

Sure, we are on the other side of the immediacy of those circumstances of survival. Yet, it has been so hard to reclaim that January 1, 2020 energy, and get back that passion, optimism, and drive to finally make the life changes we desire.

Why is it so hard? Because it isn’t easy to get back on track when you are, in parallel, processing the emotional and mental consequences of the last couple of years.  

Frankly, so many of my clients feel overwhelmed, tired, confused about which direction to take (and about where they’ve been), and burnt out by all of it. We are in unprecedented times that require grace, patience, self-care, and the clarity to process how to move forward – in a loving and action-oriented way.

Does any of this sound familiar? Do you want…

  • A chance to fully reconnect with yourself?
  • A deeper understanding of what is holding you back from your desires?
  • To finally let go of that stuff that is weighing you down?
  • To be more conscious and nurturing with your inner dialogue, behaviors, and choices?
  • To start building a better emotional legacy for your family and children?
  • To embrace the freedom of your potential?

How Can YOU Get Back on Track?

Each day brings opportunities for change, but you may not even know where to start. What if you had a framework and roadmap to finally reconnect, take charge, and hold yourself accountable for creating positive change in your life?

I have great news for you. Your new start is right around the corner!  

The in-person Shape Your Foundation retreat is your opportunity to get the tools, resources, and support you need to build the life you want. I want you in the room and in community with an amazing and courageous group of individuals who will take a 3-day deep dive into releasing what stands in our way – our limiting beliefs, negative emotions, ineffective strategies, inherited behavioral patterns, and anything else that has you feeling stuck, stagnant, and frustrated that you are not living your best life.

Twenty years into my journey as a life strategist and coach and my intention remains simple: to curate safe and growth-oriented healing spaces that inspire people to live a happier and more joy-filled life that looks like – higher quality relationships; purpose-driven energy; clarity about how you got to this moment; and tools to release that which no longer serves the future you aspire to. 

3 Days…Life-Changing Potential

Join me for a 3-day retreat that will heal, uplift, and inspire you in a safe, nurturing environment.

The Shape Your Foundation retreat includes:

  • Pre-program 1:1 Strategy Session with Yours Truly
  • 3 Full-Day Sessions (10 am to 5 pm) – we will do deep work, meditation, exercises, and more.
  • 30-day Post Program Group Check-in

You deserve to enjoy your life fully. Give yourself the gift of this 3-day experience. 

I really hope you will join me.

Love and Blessings,

PS. Do you still have questions about whether you will benefit from this experience? Book a Discovery Call with me!

Shaping Freedom® With Lisane Basquiat

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