Recognizing Burnout with Larnell Vickers

We were unprepared for the length of the pandemic and it has led to decision fatigue and burnout for some. As a result of the changes that have taken place over the past year, the current situations people are finding themselves in career-wise may not be what they initially signed up for. Larnell and Lisane discuss how to take the next step forward in the current climate of partial reopenings. They also discuss how to recognize burnout and some steps we can take to fill ourselves back up. Larnell uses the same principles in his own life that he teaches others in his coaching practice and shares his story of leaving a full time career to build his own company. It’s so important to believe that what you want is achievable AND to build a community around yourself who will support you in that belief. You are not alone and you don’t have to accomplish all of your goals and dreams alone.

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May 26 from 6-8 PM ET/3-5 PM PT 

In a virtual safe space, we’ll come together to meet and learn from industry professionals across a variety of fields who are actively recruiting. Participants will gain insight from Career Day for The Soul featured talent and garner the tools to look at career opportunities from a new vantage point.

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Larnell Vickers is an experienced executive coach and talent professional within the social good/impact space with over 10+ years of experience. From one-on-one executive coaching to talent placement and talent recruitment and hiring, he has worked with non-profits, educational organizations and for-profits to help enhance and drive forward their strategic talent plans. Also, he has worked tirelessly to help organizations to get very clear about their “who” when hiring and to then identify top talent that is game changing for the organization. 

Currently he serves as CEO and Founder of Larnell Vickers Enterprises, LLC, a firm positioned in matching great to great organizations and supporting individuals to live from their highest and best self both in career and life. Over the course of five years, the firm has supported over 25+ organizations in finding phenomenal talent, placed over 100+ professionals in mission driven organizations and has provided top tier coaching to over 150+ professionals. 

Along with being an Executive Recruiter, Larnell is an executive career and leadership coach where he has worked with executive professionals ranging from CEOs, Chief Talent Officers, Chief Financial Officers and other senior leadership team members to help build awareness of their leadership styles to hit key organizational goals, visualize success outcomes and identify the skills and tools needed to fulfill potential. He has also provided skilled group career coaching to individuals across the country with the intent to shift individuals from a place of survival to a new realm of possibility. Larnell received his training from an accredited International Coaching Federation program, Accomplishment Coaching, the World’s Finest Coaching Program.

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