Relationship Betrayal: An empowered perspective with Camille Tenerife – Episode 35

Camille Tenerife is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist in the Los Angeles area. She has experience working with a wide population but found her focus in helping professional women of color. Her passion comes from her experiences being biracial and the challenges that can arise from that. It was through these same experiences of meshing two worlds that fueled her dedication to serving those who have struggled with their identity and the traumas that come with bridging cultures.

Camille has training in CBT/DBT and has experience and training in trauma work, identity, depression, anxiety, and interpersonal relationships. She currently runs her own private practice in Los Angeles. Camille is devoted to learning about people’s journeys and how she can help in their healing. She believes in the body, mind, and spirit’s resiliency and ability to heal. Through therapy, Camille is committed to helping her clients achieve a deep understanding of themselves and rewrite their stories to create a different ending.

This week Lisane and Camille take a deeper dive into relationships, both romantic and relationships in general. They discuss taking accountability for ourselves and how we show up in relationships, examining what our role might be in a painful situation, and the idea that being willing to examine the role we’ve played when we get hurt does not invalidate the pain we feel. Some questions to consider: What is my responsibility in allowing the painful situation to continue? What is my responsibility in not noticing this painful situation earlier? Now that I’ve recognized a situation isn’t working for me, what am I going to do about it?

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Instagram: @heal.with.camille


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