Shaping Sanctuary Candles

As Unique as You Are.

Handmade, Sustainability-Sourced, Premium Candles

Sometimes it’s the little things that light our lives.

Establish Your Sanctuary

Relax, refresh, or create harmony in your sacred spot. Browse our selection of premium scented candles to find the one that resonates with you.

Shaping Sanctuary

‘Congruent’ Candle

Shaping Sanctuary

‘Soothed’ Candle

Shaping Sanctuary

‘Aligned’ Candle

Shaping Sanctuary

‘Activated’ Candle

Shaping Sanctuary Candles


Your brain connects intricately with your sense of smell affecting your mood, thoughts, and memories. With this in mind, we developed these premium candles using carefully curated fragrances and the highest quality materials.


Each candle is crafted with premium ingredients and hand-poured in Los Angeles, California.

  • Shaping Sanctuary Candles are created responsibly with:
  • Sustainability sourced food-grade coconut oil
  • Raw beeswax from local California farmers
  • Steam-distilled and cold-pressed essential oils
  • Premium, skin-safe fragrances
  • Natural cotton wicks


The luxurious elements in our candles are skin-safe and may be used as a body moisturizer, part of a massage protocol, or worn as a personal fragrance.

Life Coach

Hand Crafted to be Long-Lasting and Blissfully Enjoyed

This isn’t your typical mass-produced scented candle. We believe candles created with care, the best ingredients, and attention to detail are the candles that leave a lasting impression.

Each candle has up to a 70 hour burn time.

For maximum burn time, we recommend enjoying the candles no more than 3-4 hours at a time.

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