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Yoga & Meditation Mats

Reset, rejuvenate, catch your breath. Our mats are designed and are perfect for yoga, pilates, floor exercises and stretching. Pause, reflect and release. 

Tea Cups & Mugs


Aromatic Luxury Candles

All ingredients are skin-safe and may be applied as a body moisturizer, as part of a massage protocol, or worn as personal fragrance. All-natural, sustainable coconut wax infused with a blend of botanical essential oils and perfume grade fragrance.

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Why Shaping Sanctuary™

The Shaping Sanctuary™ Collection offers high quality, beautifully crafted products created with the intention of supporting you in your daily practice of cherishing your mind, body, emotions, and soul connection.

You get to choose where to give your time, energy and attention. Slowing down to savor the moments you have alone isn’t selfish, it’s essential.

Curate Space For Freedom

Whether your sacred time comes in the form of reading a book with a  hot cup of tea, journaling by candle light, meditating, stretching on your yoga mat or relaxing in a beautiful bath – it’s the little rituals like these that bring self-connection, peace and enrichment to your everyday life. 

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Designed With Care

Carefully Curated

Reset, rejuvenate, catch your breath. The collection was designed to facilitate and soothe your experiences. Whether you’re doing yoga, pilates, floor exercises or simply stretching.

Ethically Crafted

Shaping Sanctuary™ is a labor of love, handcrafted and plucked with care and intention. Our collection is ethically sourced, developed and shipped.

Self Care Made Simple

Transmute the energy of the day simply and seamlessly. Our physical products are intended to help you access your spiritual and emotional wellness with ease.