Tips for Avoiding Burnout

If you find yourself feeling overwhelmed and maybe even a bit burnt out, you’re not alone.

For many of us, this time of year is filled with both celebratory activities and a mad dash to close out the professional part of our year. This can easily place us at the crossroads of both social enjoyment and overwhelm — especially for those of us who have been “all gas and no brake” since January.

Prioritizing self-care, especially during the times when you don’t believe you have time for it, is one of the best things you can do to shift out of a place of overwhelm and burnout. Here are five practical tips that you can apply today to help you feel more centered and able to enjoy the holiday season.

1. Become more aware.

Where is the feeling of overwhelm coming from? Is it your job? A family or relationship situation? A boundaries conversation that needs to happen? Resentment? Be specific.

2. Assess the situation.

Is what you are feeling connected to temporary circumstances (end-of-year flurry, the need for a vacation that is already scheduled, etc.)? Is the situation something that you have control over and that you can change? What will it take to get you closer to what you want?

3. Identify resources that can help.

What can you defer, let go of, or enroll someone’s support with? People are oftentimes more than willing to help out when we are willing to enlist their support, even if it is just a temporary set of hands during an inordinately busy time. Don’t do alone what others can support you with. Give them a chance to show you how they can help.

4. Be accountable for how you move through this season.

Make some decisions. Who will own the quality of your experience during this season? Will the decision be driven by external demands, or your internal compass and needs? Commit to practicing what your life will look like if you were to take full accountability for being able to breathe as you close out this year.

5. Make room for yourself.

You are up to a lot and much of our discomfort comes when we deprioritize self-care in favor of pushing ourselves beyond what we know that we know is healthy. The busy season means that self-care is more important than ever – just as you would ensure for a loved one (outside of yourself). Hydrate. Get adequate sleep. Move your body. Get lots of air. Take 5 minutes hourly to step away from your desk to help spur your creativity and problem-solving abilities. Assign a period of time during which you will simply BE versus do. Meditate. Journal. Draw. Sing. Dance. Whatever it takes to replace all of the energy you expend on a daily basis while navigating your different roles.

Lastly, be patient with yourself and with others. Much of what we freak out about turns out so much better than we think it will when we view it from a place of fatigue and stress. Commit to getting through this season with more grace and with a smile. By practicing the previous 5 steps, you will put yourself into a calmer and more centered state of enjoyment and peace during this very busy holiday season.

Oh, and I wish you and those you love the happiest of all holiday seasons.

Love and Peace,

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