5 Weeks Of Transformative Online Sessions

The purpose of this workshop is to introduce you to the Shaping Freedom®  concepts that will help you discover a practical, empowering and impactful approach to improving the quality of your life. 

Do you long to fully express and live in alignment with your real feelings, desires, and dreams for your life but aren’t sure how?

The Shaping Freedom® Virtual Program is for You If:

  • You’re experiencing a growing sense of urgency to resolve repetitive negative issues in your life
  • You want to gain clarity, center and empower yourself
  • You are exhausted from being there for others and don’t know how to give yourself the self-care that you so desperately need
  • You would like guidance on how to lead a more emotionally balanced life from someone with experience, expertise and understanding
  • You are ready to do the hard work of heart work to find your purpose through a practical, direct and supportive process
For the sensitive, compassionate and courageous people who feel compelled to follow the call of your heart.
Lisane Basquiat - Shaping Freedom

What To Expect

By learning how to make more conscious behaviors and choices, you will begin to reconnect to and trust the relationship that you have between your mind, body and spirit. This foundational work is essential to releasing negative patterns and allowing the healing transformation to occur which will greatly enhance the quality of your world.


Practical, experiential and effective tools that drive personal integrity and transformation through the release of limiting beliefs and ineffective behavioral patterns.


Create a support system through community, practical teachings, and connection with others in the same event. Guided open discussions to explore healthy processing of your emotions and thoughts and gain clarity about how you got to where you are. 


Proven resources in your toolkit, a comprehensive and strategic plan forward, and you ignited and empowered to shape a future that is in better alignment with your authentic script.

Meet Lisane Basquiat

Lisane Basquiat Shaping Freedom®

Hello, Freedom Seeker. I’m Lisane Basquiat, Founder of the Shaping Freedom® brand.

I’m a champion for your journey to remembering who you are, why you’re here, and discovering how to gain empowerment through internal congruence and spiritual alignment.

Anything I have to say or teach stems from my own journey to self love and healing. I’ve been a certified coach since 2004, which is technically when this journey began. I’ve done the hard work of heart work. I’ve experienced the beautiful, the brutal and ultimately the deep unconditional love that has allowed me to reconnect to my truth.

I’ve used and become certified in a number of healing modalities that have helped me reconnect with the truth and live a life of love, fulfillment and the interconnectedness within that allows it to be.

My mission is to show you how to do the same for yourself. I’m committed to helping you create a healthy and whole relationship with yourself.  I developed a holistic framework that integrates personal and professional leadership,  spirituality, and personal connection.

Once you step into this journey, most things in your life will make sense and you will know how to chart a path forward. 

Life will give you what you expect and believe, are you ready to believe bigger?

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Kind Words

Kellie D.

Be open, and it’s a safe place to express whatever comes up for you. It’s a very supportive environment to move through and explore stories and beliefs that you have been told or have been telling yourself.

Lisane asks great questions. I kept finding myself saying, I can’t remember what she asked, but I discovered…. It was wonderful to be guided and questioned about aspects of my space and beliefs that I haven’t explored before. I felt I was in good and very capable hands with Lisane leading the group.

Virginia R.

I was surprised at how finding out that I had so much in common with every single person in the room that was an a-ha moment! I was happily surprised and I still feel the warmth of that knowledge. It was a privilege to spend the day with a group that was so willing and able to be authentic and transparent. It filled me up, encouraged me and that day has become a talisman that I carry with me to remind me of how life can be and what I want to continue to create in my life and share with the world.

Jessica H.

The things that have served me no longer serve me in the same capacity. It’s time for me to release and soften up a bit so I can enjoy my life more fully – and also to attract more abundance that I deserve.

I appreciate that Lisane is both patient/nurturing and able to push us into the uncomfortable. Great balance on her end!

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In 5 Weeks You Will Experience:

Live Weekly Check-Ins – Guided lessons on fundamental concepts, break-out sessions to dig deeper and connect with others. Q&A with Lisane.

Resource Guides and Worksheets – Continue to dive-in and work through what you need to grow through.

Investment: $600 / Valued over $$$$$

Payment options include installment plans.


Shaping Freedom - Virtual workshop
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