“We’re Back” Part 2: Returning to podcasting during a pandemic.

Shaping Freedom Podcast - Lisane Basquiat

This week Ryan and Lisane conclude their conversation. Recorded last fall, at a time when the pandemic was still young. The protests, following the death of George Floyd, were still fresh on everyone’s mind.

This was an interesting and fascinating conversation where Ryan, a white man, and Lisane, a Black woman, navigate through race, politics, business, and friendship.

Ryan and Lisane discuss how the 2020 quarantine and social media both played roles in the racial justice movement that followed the death of George Floyd. Lisane explains how feelings of disempowerment can lead to racist beliefs and actions and how ultimately, the relationship we have with ourselves is what determines how we navigate our relationships with others when it comes to hard topics like divisive politics and racism. 

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