What does living in the present actually look like with Keith Mitchell – Episode 42

Keith Mitchell

What does living in the present actually look like with Keith Mitchell

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My Interview With a Former NFL player on the mind-body connection with Keith Mitchell

The struggle inherent to a lifestyle overwhelmed with too many distractions, being in constant overdrive, and feeling like there is barely time to breathe is real.  We often hear about the benefits of living in the present but what does it mean to prioritize being “here?” How can you pivot from being in endless Go! Go! Go! mode to a life of accomplishment AND mindfulness?

This week I’m joined by Keith Mitchell, a former professional NFL player who transformed into a meditation, yoga, and mindfulness teacher focused on sustainable living practices and whole body health. 

After a spinal injury forced him to retire from his professional sports career, Keith was forced to reimagine his life. Since then, he has spent the last 20 years exploring the mind-body connection and teaching people how to connect more deeply.

I really enjoyed this discussion and appreciated the generosity with which Keith shared his perspectives on the value of self observation and in avoiding the victim state.  He also talked about strategies that we can use to create the change we want to see in our lives, and about the value of understanding how being with our families puts us into a space of being with ourselves (especially helpful during this holiday season).

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