You are invited to a social event to bring together community in diversity in North County San Diego!

About this event

Shaping Freedom’s Soulful Saturdays is back! This time, join us for a “dinner and theater” themed evening as we create space for soulful and inclusive connection in North County San Diego!

Our co-host and MC for the evening is Kellie O. Davis, Producer and Playwright, as she previews a scene from her latest play, “The Rhythm Keepers.”

Lisane Basquiat will facilitate a discussion about the benefits of understanding your love languages and relationship values, including how they can improve your relationship with yourself, your family, and those with whom you interact.

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This group is a space where you can begin to shape your future and create a new legacy for future generations to come. One that is full of purpose, freedom and joy.

The most important relationship of your entire life is the one you have with yourself. The world you’re living in right now is the outward reflection of the quality of your internal interaction. When you nurture this relationship from a place of love, patience and devotion – you can willingly release what doesn’t serve you and draw closer what you want.

Welcome to Shaping Freedom. NOW is the time to come home to yourself.

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Shape Your Foundation workshop’s focus is to discover how the beliefs and strategies you enact result in the behaviors that shape the quality of your world. Together we’ll explore, and you’ll learn how to identify and release negative baggage, disempowering programs, limiting beliefs, and ineffective behaviors.

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