My top 5 Strategies for Preventing Burnout

Feeling overwhelmed and on the verge of burnout?

You are not alone. There seem to be so many demands upon, what sometimes feels like, the mere 24/7 we’ve each been given.  But over the years, I’ve developed a roadmap of five strategies that help me to stay centered and that have helped me to navigate my own slippery slope. 

Here is what works for me: 


  1. Do Less. That’s right. I do Less because I have less to give. When I feel like I’m running on fumes, I reevaluate my schedule and postpone anything that isn’t absolutely critical (to me).  I find this simple act incredibly liberating.
  2. Say Less. Showing up in spaces and places and being with people can be both energizing and draining, especially when I’m already feeling depleted. So, at times I channel my inner introvert and allow myself to simply be who I am in the moment versus forcing myself into energy that I simply do not have. I will also defer (respectfully and directly) demanding conversations to a time that is no sooner than when I can be fully present.
  3. Be Unapologetic. Taking care of myself means being honest about my needs, even if it requires adjusting how I show up in the world. While I value adhering to my external commitments, I am ultimately accountable to ensuring that I am listening to what I need. I’ve learned to let folks know when I need a break without overly justifying and without defensiveness. This is sometimes more difficult in practice, especially during my busiest seasons. However, radical self-care means being unapologetically authentic.
  4. Call upon my Tribe. There are certain people in my life from whom I receive unconditional support, understanding, and acceptance. When I am feeling vulnerable, I reach out to them for comfort, a shared laugh about the absurdity of life, and guidance. These are people with whom I can share exactly how I’m feeling without filter or edit. Knowing who to turn to – and who to steer clear of when I don’t have enough to give – helps me to conserve my energy and maintain my emotional and mental well-being. 
  5. Clear the Air. Finally, I make it a point to address any mess that is around me or within me that may be adding to my stress. Setting boundaries, taking full accountability for unresolved issues, practicing forgiveness, journaling my thoughts and emotions, and dealing with the “elephants in the room” all help clear the air and can lighten the mental load that contributes to burnout. 

These strategies have been my lifeline in navigating the ups and downs of life and a world that sometimes feels like it is careening off of its axle.  If you’re feeling the overwhelm and strain of burnout, I encourage you to try these approaches and see what works for you. My friends, taking care of yourself is a selfish and essential act of love, for yourself and for those with whom you interact.  

I wish you a deep breath and that you make space for you on your own stage.  XO

Love and Peace,


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