Shifting Your Mindset to Open Up Possibilities with Stu Massengill – Episode 46

Shifting Your Mindset to Open Up Possibilities with Stu Massengill

This week on the Shaping Freedom podcast I am joined by, Stu Massengill.

A renowned life coach and personal development speaker that has inspired millions through his seminars and events.

In this episode, we discuss how important it is to reflect inward, find solutions when personal issues arise, and ensure we all achieve what’s possible.

He has worked with one of the top personal development coaches in the world, Tony Robbins, as a National Speaker and Peak Performance Advisor for over 10 years and hosts his own podcast, “Finding Direction,” showcasing his strategies and personal reflections on life, personal improvement, and how to best constructively approach difficult and tragic events.

If you liked our discussion please check the first part of our conversation on Stu Massengill’s podcast, “Finding Direction,” here.

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