Finding Joy with Cynthia Delaney – Episode 36

After a brief hiatus, Lisane is excited to be back with this week’s guest, Cynthia Delaney, founder of Equilibrium by Cynthia. Cynthia is a yoga teacher, a light worker, and a healer who emanates joy, happiness, and centeredness. This episode is a conversation about diving into your soul, confronting the things that stand in the way of our joy, and what you do when you find yourself in that dark night of the soul place, those times that send you into the fetal position on your floor, where you are wondering what you’re going to do and how you’re going to move forward. There are so many things that are beautiful about this life experience and so many ways that we can tap into the solutions for the things that may not feel as good.

About Cynthia:

I believe we arrive on this planet with, ultimately, one goal: to spark a revolution within our souls. Because each one of us has been graced with a song in our hearts—an anthem thatʼs been written in the stars—that is meant to guide us to our fullest potential and purpose; and that purpose is to uplift each other and the world. As an entrepreneur, certified yogi, spiritual healer, and soul teacher, itʼs my joy to curate magical experiences for others to spark their empowerment journey. Equilibrium offers yoga, meditation, divine light healing, soul journey retreats, and astrology for your soul.

Connect with Cynthia at or on Instagram @equilibriumbycynthia.  

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