The Importance of Sleep with Tammy Hawkins Part 1

Tammy Hawkins is a mom to two wonderful children, the owner of a successful tech business, TaskTeam, AND a children’s book author! She is driven by her passions and is embracing her confidence in this stage of life. Listen in as Lisane and Tammy discuss choosing joy and excitement, how tapping into what we loved as children can guide us as adults, and how removing two simple words from our vocabulary can reframe the way we see ourselves and our world. Watch your “justs” and your “buts”!

Tammy also walks us through the journey of creating Dream Rock Book. Her children struggled with sleep issues for years: night terrors, intrusive thoughts, general anxiety, and typical bedtime fears. Out of exhaustion and desperation, she had the idea that it might help to put her kids to bed with deliberately positive ideas that they came up with themselves. She grabbed one of her favorite gems and the Dream Rock method was born. Spoiler: It works for adults too!

Be sure to tune in next week for Part 2.

You can follow Tammy on Instagram @dreamrockbook and learn more about the book at Dream Rock Book is available for pre-sale through August 27!

Learn more about Tammy’s tech business at

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