Unpacking Your Beliefs

Lisane Basquiat - Shaping Freedom

What’s Your Story?

Over the course of our lives we experience moments that shape our beliefs about the different areas of our life. Whether it’s money, relationships, health or spirituality – these are all filtered through the lens of our experiences from childhood to adulthood. We begin to author feelings and ultimately strong beliefs that shape the way we navigate through these life areas.

Deconstructing Limiting Beliefs

If you’ve ever shied away from a promotion or getting serious about a potentially meaningful relationship you’ve acted on a limiting belief. That voice, often confused for intuition, inside that keeps you from taking on exciting risks or chasing dreams wholeheartedly is likely rooted in an unpleasant chapter in your book. You before that incident might have been a bold heart-first child, savvy and wide-eyed young adult unscathed from crappy outside influences. This. This is why it’s so important to know your story, unpack it and extract why those beliefs were formed. Only then can you process, release and reshape them to align more authentically with the work, love or spirituality you’re truly craving.

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